Fab Bag vs My Envy Box : The Showdown (November edition) Unboxing and 1st Impressions Review

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HiyA Lovelies,

Today's review would rather be of a different kind as it will be a FabBag vs MyEnvyBox review. For my friends who aren't aware of the Fab Bag, its a monthly subscription bag that charges a fee of Rs. 600/-per month along with some add on discounts and gifts on purchase of the 3 months 6 months and 12 months subscription. This bag contains 3 deluxe sized product samples and sometimes even full size products. For people who haven't come across MyEnvyBox earlier, it is a monthly subscription box that charges a fee of Rs. 850/-per month. This box contains 5 high end luxury product samples.

Seeing that there are not many comparison blogs online to help the buyers decide which of the two beauty subscriptions to opt for, I decided to be an guardian angel. So if you all are done clapping lets move on shall we? I would like to warn you all that this is going to be one long review. That is why I need to stop beating around the bush and go directly to the point.
Packaging and Theme: Looking at the FabBag this month I was left speechless. I had seen the picture of the bag online but I feel it did absolutely no justice to the bag when witnessed in person. The bag was matte golden in color with some pebbles like pattern made on it. The zipper was also cute and had a tiny key hanging from it. The theme of the November month FabBag was Power-Up. Apparently this months bag would help us unleash a version of ourselves like never seen before. A very woman power oriented theme that I did find to be unusual. The FabPost present in the bag was an informative booklet with women superheros in it. I really was fascinated looking at the way they transformed the whole Fabpost in an women superhero comic book. It was funny and really interesting at the same time.
On the other hand the November Envy Box was a very bold dark purple color box with its classic golden logo on it. The theme for the November month was Detox November. Apparently it was a box which would help us pamper ourselves and revitalize our skin and body.
I feel I honestly like the Power-Up idea since it was very innovative. The Fabpost as superhero comic book was a very nice touch, it really did take it to the next level. As for packaging a gold color is and always will be superior for me. The matte finish of the bag made it look more exquisite. So FabBag has taken the cake.

Contents: Lets not sit and judge a book by its cover and have a peep inside. The contents are the most important of them all and will help you decide if you like a subscription or no instantaneously. The contents of the FabBag and MyEnvyBox this month were really a sight to see. It really made it difficult to choose which was better.
Fab Bag vs My Envy Box
The contents of the November 2014 FabBag are:
1. City Color cheek stain -Berry (full size: Rs. 300/-)
2. Wella Enrich Shampoo (full size: Rs. 500/-) 
3. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi intensive hair treatment (full size: Rs. 495/-)
4. Votre Invigorating orange hand and foot gel scrub (full size: Rs. 550/-)
5. Gulnar Handmade soap -Lavender (full size: 250/-)
6. All Good Scents Eu De Parfum -Evoke (full size: Rs.1200/-)
7. FabPost 
Fab Bag vs My Envy Box
The contents of the November 2014 My Envy Box are:
1. Thalgo Exfoliator (full size: Rs. 1770/-)
2. Bottega Di Lungavita (full size: Rs. 1450/-)
3. Natio Meditate shower gel (full size: Rs. 775/-)
4. Suganda soap (full size: Rs. 800/-)
5. Za perfect solution cleansing foam (full size: Rs. 399/-)
6. Mint Green Tea from San-cha Tea Boutique (complementary)

Usually FabBag does have only three products in it but they have taken our expectations to the next level. I would not like to consider the perfume vial as a sample and I love the fact they put it as an add on and not as a sample on its own (hope you get the hint MyEnvyBox!!). All the samples in the Fab Bag are generously sizable and help you understand fully if you do like the product. The basic idea of a beauty subscription is that you get to try products and see if they are compatible with you which helps you decide if you would like to spend money on a particular full-size product which you wouldn't use later. However, if the sample size is very small I don't think I cant arrive to any conclusion from it, neither good or bad. The samples in this months Envy Box are as any months box prior to this, very tiny and so I am not sure as to if they can be of any help to me.

Final Word: If I had to choose from both the subscriptions I would say FabBag is a clear winner. The packaging is quiet beautiful and the theme selection is very innovative. The number of products and the sizes are very acceptable. As for Envy box you need to really increase the sizes of the samples. The fact that the products are high end doesnt justify the miniature samples or the complementary gift. The main idea of buying a subscription box isnt fulfilled. Better luck next time Envy Box.

A detailed review on the products covered in these two beauty subscriptions will be available soon on my blog. Hope you liked this blog post and if you have some suggestions please leave it in the comments section below and I will definitely try and work on it. Much Love xx.

Keep Loving and Living Life.

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  1. I Like Fabbag over any subscription boxes, they have a good products


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