3 Must Have Winter Hair Care Products + Hair Care Tips

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Winter is supposed to be the season of perfect hair and perfect skin but is it really? Just like your skin your hair also needs some extra TLC during winter. Dry scalp, frizzy ends, flyaways, brittle hair are all just signs of hair trying to call out for help. Do not worry as today I am going to share with you my Top 3 Must have winter hair care products that will help you get healthy, smooth hair this winter season:.
3 Must Have Winter Hair Care Products

  1. Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer
  2. Vichy Dercos Nutri-Repair Mask
  3. Kaya Hair health gel:
Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer (Rs. 975/- for 100ml)
How to Use: Spray the vitalizer onto the dry scalp after parting the hair in sections. Gently massage for 1 minute
Oiling and massaging your scalp is essential as this helps not only helps in destressing but will in turn even compliment hair growth. One of my favourite Ayurveda brand is Forest Essentials and their Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer is the absolute bombdiggity! This hair vitalizer is enriched with some nutritious Ayurvedic herbal extracts which will prevent your hair against breakage and strengthen your hair follicles. The formula of this product will not only prevent hair loss from breakage but will also improve its texture and volume. The Bhringraj hair vitalizer is made with the goodness of Amla, arnica, hibiscus, organic aloe vera, green tea and most importantly Bhringraj oil.

Tip: Wrapping a hot, wet towel around your hair will help absorb the oil faster.
Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer
Vichy Dercos Nutri-Repair Mask (Price: Rs. 1700/- for 200ml)
How to Use: Apply to your hair, avoiding the roots. Massage the hair down to the ends to help it penetrate fully. Untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb and tie your hair up in a bun. Leave to rest for a few minutes and rinse carefully.
Climatic changes can strip your hair of moisture because of which deep conditioners need to form a cruicial step of your haircare routine. The nourishing and repairing Vichy Dercos Nutri-Repair Mask will help to transform even the driest hair into healthy hair. As the name suggests this product was formulated specially to treat dry, damaged hair. The smooth, melt in texture of the product gives a soft and healthy look post application. Even though the instructions suggest applying the product for 3-4minutes, I prefer to keep the product on for 10minutes to deeply condition it. This product has the goodness of Keratino-complex meaning 5 amino acids and plant oils that will help repair, restore and strengthen the hair.

Tip: Using cold water for your last rinse will strengthen your hair strands and reduce breakage post shower.
Vichy Dercos Nutri-Repair Mask
Kaya Hair health gel (Price: Rs. 400/- for 200ml)
How to Use: Pour a small amount of gel onto the palm of your hand. Apply the gel with fingertips only to the roots of your hair. Lightly rub onto the scalp and leave overnight. Wash off next morning.Colors, bleaches, weather changes, pollution usually strip the scalp off its essential oils making it itchy and flaky. So in order to restore the health of your hair and get rid of dryness Kaya introduced the Kaya Hair health gel. The Kaya Hair Health gel is specially formulated to reach the hair at its root and help control hair loss. This lightweight gel gets absorbed almost instantly by the hair leaving you with you with a soothing, cooling effect. This formula is made with Protein, Mineral & Vitamin Complex that are essential to curb any mineral deficiencies that may lead to hair loss. Also, the goodness of Aloe vera helps tame frizzy hair while as the Hibiscus nourishes your hair from within. 

TipMassaging your scalp in small, circular motions with your fingertips helps stimulate blood flow which in turn enhances hair growth.
Kaya Hair Health gel
Do let us know which are your must-have, winter hair care products in the comments down below? Also, do let us know if you have tried any of the 3 products mentioned above and how was your experience?

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge.

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