About Me

Hello Chicsters!

I am Rajshree Sawant and I'd like to welcome you to my blog 
The Chicster Diaries.
TCD is a place for every makeup, beauty loving, tech savvy, fashionista who doesn't have to choose between being Chic or Hip.

I took up blogging on the 1st of September 2014 
owing to my interest in beauty posts and 
the aspect that inspired me the most to ardently take it up was the 
lack of sufficient material on the topics which I wanted to read about.

You can expect my posts to cover ofcourse makeup and beauty related topics but you will also find me writing about lifestyle brands and fashion every now and then

Also, I am a proud shopaholic who is addicted to travelling and obsessed with 
accessories, bags, shoes and technology.

Perhaps I can safely say I am a reliable source for your essential gossip on the latest trends in the beauty and fashion world. 

Do keep reading my posts and always Keep it Chic & Hip. 

Please Note: Skin type- Oily-combination skin.
                    Hair- Wavy, oily scalp, dry ends 
                                                      Skin tone- MAC NC 40 (Winter) NC 41-42 (Summer)

If you require any further information or would want to say hello please feel free to connect with me at thechicsterdiaries@gmail.com. 

Much Love!

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