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HiyA Lovelies,

I had a jolly good Xmas, hope you did as well. Already I was having a great month since Fab Bag decided to post my picture in the FabBag e-lookbook. Check out the FabBag LookBook here.

The bag that I received after that news was just a cherry on the cake. The theme for the December 2014 Fab Bag was "The Sinfully Sweet Xmas". For my friends who aren't aware of Fab Bag, its a monthly subscription bag that charges a fee of Rs. 600/- per month along with some add on discounts and gifts on purchase of the 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription. This bag contains 3 deluxe sized product samples and sometimes even full size products. In my experience I have always received at least 4 products with one of them being a full sized product.

December 2014 Fab Bag
I know this would be seem very dramatic but I need to share this with you. My Fab Bag was delivered on 24th eve, literally some hours before 12. It made me feel like Cinderella since my Fairy Godmother or in this case My Not so Secret Santa (Fab Bag) made sure I had my presents before the clock struck 12. To go with the xmas spirit the bag this time was both a classic as well as modern in a christmassy way. It was classic since it was red and white and modern cause it did appear to be a studded pattern bag. I was super excited but I decided to wait and unbox at 12am. After the unboxing, boy was I uber happy. Chocolates, candles, skincare and makeup, it was all present in that tiny fab pouch. Lets have a look in detail at all the products included in this bag.
  • Tattva lip scrub -Vanilla and Cinammon (Rs. 200/9gm)
  • Tattva Body cream - Peach Grapes and Cherry Blossom (Rs. 450/50gm)
  • Nyx automatic roller eye pencil - Charcoal (Rs. 275/0.22gm)
  • Kronokare massage oils - Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil and Fabulous Fuel Energizing Massage Oil (Rs.195/60gm and Rs.745/220ml and Rs. 1495/500ml)
  • Indie Eco candle - Fresh Lemongrass (Rs. 180/ 130gm and Rs. 360/ 690gm)
  • Chocolato chocolates by Ami Desai
  • The December 2014 Fab Post
Tattva lip scrub (Vanilla and Cinammon)
I received both the products in a nice see through netted golden pouch which had little diamonds stuck to it. These scrubs are available in 4 flavors Almond and Oats, Exotic Chocolate, Tangy Grapefruit and Vanilla and Cinammon. They all sound lovely but I am in totally cherishing the Vanilla and Cinnamon. The Tattva lip scrub actually smells and tastes like a nice Vanilla Chai Tea latte on a cold winter morning. Not that I have been eating my scrub but still of what I could tell I am really tempted to do the needful. It has soft crushed sugar granules in it that help exfoliate your lips. The result is shiny and luscious lips even in this cold holiday season. We are getting more than the bargain for the dime we are paying for it.

Tattva Vanilla and Cinnamon Scrub
Tattva Body Cream (Peach Grapes and Cherry Blossom)I am not quiet sure but I guess Tattva has made a pact to produce all blissfully fragrant products. If you like mild smelling lotions which I don't, than the Peach Grapes and Cherry Blossom body cream is not for you. When I applied this product for the first time it reminded me of peach flavored yogurt, it really did look and smell in the same manner. The texture is thick and creamy so can be used all year round. Very hydrating, has a staying power for around 8 hours at least and even after which your skin won't be totally chapped. Liked everything about it the color, texture, odor, lasting power, hydration level. 

Tattva Peach Grapes and Cherry Blossom Body cream
Kronokare Massage Oils (Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil and Fabulous Fuel Energizing Massage Oil)
This is my first encounter with this brand and I must say I am very pleased with it. The idea of massage oils was not so fascinating to me but after using these oils I would be totally on board. The aromatherapy helped me sleep like a baby. The Kronokare massage oils range have 4 variants in them- Chill Pill Cooling Massage Oil (blue), Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil, Fabulous Fuel Energizing Massage Oil, Real Deal Detoxifying Massage Oil. I did receive the Fabulous Fuel Energizing Massage Oil (orange bottle) and the Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil (purple bottle). I would not like to comment about the rest two but the ones I possess have a mindboggling citrus oriented scent. The texture of this oil is very light and not at all sticky. After application you can really feel comfortable and relax. Since the first day I got my bag have been using them every single night. A must try!!!

Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil 
Fabulous Fuel Energizing Massage Oil
NYX automatic roller eye pencil (Charcoal)
I have used black eye pencils for a while now and this charcoal color is really very refreshing. It can be described better as a blackish grey color. Since it is an automatic roller there is no need to sharpen this pencil basically you don't have to keep worrying about looking for a pencil sharpener every time you are late and want to have a decent eyeliner on. I fancy the look a grey eyeliner gives to your eyes. On a lazy day it helps you have a soft subtle makeup look. It is not smudge-proof making it perfect for smokey eyes. You will have a damn fine smokey eye look with a grey color eyeliner that smudges well. A quiet different color try it if you can lay your hands on it.

Nyx automatic eye liner- Charcoal
Nyx charcoal automatic eyeliner swatch
Indie Eco Candles (Fresh Lemongrass)
Handmade candles starting at just Rs.180/- a pop now that's just unbelievable isn't it? Well Indie Eco Candles have made that possible. They produce 100% natural and eco friendly products. The Indie Eco Candles are available in 6 scents, enchanting jasmine, cinammon with a hint of orange, exotic vanilla cream, lavender with subtle notes of rosewood, geranium with lavender blossom, fresh lemongrass. There is a gift set of 4 small assorted candles available too which sounds delightful as a gift. I received the Fresh Lemongrass scented candle. The smell was very calming and soothing. It has a strong scent that would last for quiet a lot of time after the candle is out. I dint want to use the candle as it looked very adorable and that is why it put in the pouch I got my Tattva products in. I would like to only show you the before pictures as it looks way better before for obvious reasons. All in all would purchase their other scented candles too as I really liked this one.

Indie Eco Candle- fresh Lemongrass
The December 2014 Fab Post was my own mini magazine that updated me with some Xmas facts, product discounts and all the latest brands introduced in Fab Bag. The Post was also color coded as per Xmas, it was white and red. Every brand had a different scheme and discount going on. Last but not the least, I know you want to know about the Chocolato chocolates. Well let me come out clean, I couldn't help it I munched all the chocolates cause they were that tempting. They were assorted chocolates. Some white and some dark chocolates. They were very rich and creamy in texture. Sadly, I don't have any pictures to show you.

I have been using all the products for a solid 15 days and I am in love with all of them. That was the point of this to use and review the products and not just unbox them. All in all, not so surprisingly I liked every single product in my fab bag. I know it has been quiet some months that I have my Fab Bag Subscription but I am still amazed at how they totally understand what kind of products I would like. Hope you liked this blog post and if you have some suggestions please leave it in the comments section below and I will definitely try and work on it. Much Love xx.

Keep Loving and Loving Life.

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  1. I am not so happy with my december fabbag. Will review it soon.........

    1. Omg.. r u serios I loved all of them.. maybe your requirements were different.. sad though.. hope u like the jan edition

  2. You have got good products..I have not subsbribed for december bag..time to renew the subscription :)

    1. the dec bag was fun.. heard the jan bag is great too.. do renew it for sure xx

  3. The fab bag is decent but i am not liking the quantity they are provinding .. :P

    1. Hope u like the jan bag.. apparently its good xx

  4. wishing you a very happy new year

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