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Sleek MakeUP has been one of the most popular British high street brands for quite some while now. They not only fulfill the expectations of the people but tend to provide much more. This attitude has rendered them as one of the most buzzed brand around Britain and also around the globe. In one of my previous blog posts I had reviewed the Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance Palette which turned out to be a Must have Eyeshadow palate. You can check the post on the Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance palette HERE. So moving on just like the Eyeshadow Palette this Blush by 3 by the name Sugar is a pure delight as well. There are 8 varieties of blush palates to choose from in this range named Pumpkin, Lace, Sugar, Sweet Cheeks, Flame, Californ.I.A, Pink Sprint, Pink Lemonade. Earlier, I was confused between the palates Lace, Sweet Cheeks and Sugar but finally decided to go with Sugar. Let us have a look at this beautiful palette comprised of 3 vividly different color blushes.

Sleek Makeup Blusher in Sugar
The ultimate cheeky palette offering you three times the impact. Includes three complementary shades, each designed with its own distinctive finish, from rich shimmers to intense matte shades.
Available in eight unique colour combinations designed to suit all skin tones
Each shade can be used alone, or layered for a unique look
Each palette has a versatile selection of shades to take your makeup from day to night and keep it on trend from season to season
Set in a mirrored compact, ideal for touch-ups throughout the day
It is vegan and not tested on animals

Price: Rs.996 for 20gm/ 0.68oz available at Luxola or £10 for 20gm/0.68oz available at Superdrug UK

Even though Sleek is a high street brand but the quality of the product provided is truly amazing. The sleek matte black packaging of the blush makes it look quite classy and elegant. This packaging is not only smooth on the eyes but also makes it easy to carry around. A mirror is provided with it making it very convenient and travel friendly. This blusher has 3 shades in it, two matte blushes and one shimmery blush. Turbinado and Demerara are matte shades while as Muscovado is a shimmer based shade. I am very content with the pricing as I did get three blushes at the price of one. Now let us have a better look at these 3 beautiful colors.
Shades from Right to Left - Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara
Turbinado is a rich plum color blush. The first impression of this shade was that it would be one of deep dark red blushes that would give me a clown face. However, I was glad that was not the case since once its blended, it gives the effect of flushed cheeks with a rosy glow. This is without a doubt my most favorite shade in this palette.

Muscovado is an intense brick shade with some shimmer particles in it. It is a bit darker than the Turbinado shade. I tried using it for contouring as more than a blush it appears like a bronzer on my skin tone but the shimmer particles tend to ruin the look. It looks great as a highlighter but only recommended if you dab minimal product or else it makes your face look very dramatic. The shimmer particles exaggerate the pores so I have completely avoided using it on its own as a blush but like the effect it gives when used with the rest two. 

Demerara is the perfect peach colored blush for summer time. I cant wait for summer to be here so I can use this beauty to the max. It is a light day time blush and would give you a healthy glowing look.

As you can see from the swatches below all the 3 blushes are intensely pigmented. They blend very well into the skin. They do not appear cakey or masky after application and gives a natural look because of its blending property. The lasting power is much more than 5 hours after which I had removed it on my own. It is Paraben free and Vegan so that is an add on after all its other good aspects that we just saw.
Shades from Right to Left - Turbinado, Muscovado 
and Demerara swatches
Hope you liked this blog post. Share which are your favorite blushes or Sleek products in the comments section below. Much Love xx 

Keep Living and Loving Life.

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  1. Lovely blush palette, I like Demerara the most. Nice review.

    1. Thnx hun :) Demerara is a very pretty shade indeed!

  2. I have this one in Flame and love the pigmentation...amazing review dear :)

  3. Love sleek products, I have the rose gold blush from them and like it a lot

    1. I have heard a lot about their rose gold blusher would love to try it :)

  4. Nice review.. Will give this a try :)

  5. thnxx hun.. do check it out I am sure you will love it :)

  6. I really wish Sleek products were available in Canada. The blushes look so pretty every time I see them. Great review.

    1. Indeed! they are very pretty. I love their packaging too... so adorbs :)

  7. wow it seems good

  8. nice pigmentation and colors :)

  9. Teh blush palette has a lovely wearable shades.. a great pick for the price and quality ! :)

  10. I have this palette but a different variant..


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