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HiyA Lovelies,

It is May already and sadly I couldn't review my April Fab Bag yet. However, I feel it doesn't matter when these good products are reviewed unless and until they are. The Fab Bag this month was an interesting zebra print bag, making it my first zebra print accessory. The bag included a mixture of hair care, body care, skin care and makeup. Even before I could start reviewing the products I knew I would end up liking them with all the variety in products.

April 2015 Fab Bag

For my friends who aren't aware of Fab Bag, its a monthly beauty subscription bag that charges a fee of Rs. 600/- per month along with some add on discounts and gifts on purchase of the 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription. This bag contains 3 deluxe sized product samples and sometimes even full size products. In my experience I have always received at least 4 products with one of them being a full sized product.
Now lets cut the chase and have a look at what products I did receive in my April 2015 Fab Bag.

My April 2015 Fab Bag contained the following Products :
  1. Malavara Shower Gel : Rs.300/- for 60ml
  2. Malavara Body Lotion : Rs.390/- for 60ml
  3. City Color Blush Quad (Pink): Full Size Rs.500/-
  4. Iraya Eye Contour Gel : Full Size Rs. 395/- for 25ml
  5. Parachute Aromatherapy hair oil : Full Size Rs. 
  6. Denman Hair Brush : Rs.475/-

1. Malvara Shower Gel:

Malavara Shower Gel 

The Malvara Lime Vetiver Body wash gel has been my closest buddy this summer. The combination of Lime and Vetiver has turned out to be spectacular. It provides me the refreshing and cool feeling that I was looking for. Excluding this it smells amazing too cause of its strong citrus oriented notes.

2. Malvara Body Lotion:

Malavara Body Lotion

As the body wash and body lotion are of the same range the scent is identical. The consistency of the lotion is not very runny and gets absorbed quickly. It hydrates the skin well and also soothes it. This Body Wash and Body Lotion combo are a must try this Summer.

3. City Color Blush Quad - Pink (Full Size) 

City Color Blush Quad (Pink)

The City Color blush quad is available in 6 colors namely Baby Pink, Brown, Coral, Nectar, Pink and Rose. I received the shade Pink in my bag and its fabulous. The packaging of this blush is so adorable as you can see in the picture above. There are 4 gradient shades of pink included in this quad. I have even tried using the top most shade as a highlighter and it works wonders. Being the lightest shade of the lot it appears to be a marshmallow pink shade and is not obvious when applied as a highlighter. The colors are not extremely pigmented and provide a subtle healthy glow. When all of these colors are mixed and applied the shade will suit all sunkissed beauties like me. All the shades contains subtle glitter particles which are not at all noticeable unless observed closely. All in all a beautiful day wear blush

Swatches of City Color Blush Quad (Pink)

4. Iraya Eye Contour Gel:

Iraya Eye Contour Gel

Even before trying the product I was really impressed with the product knowing it has Manjistha and Lavender essential oils. As expected the product turned out to be good, its very hydrating and gets absorbed quickly. After getting absorbed it does not tend to be sticky like some of the eye creams I have used in the past. I would any day vote for the gel formulas over the cream formulas.

5. Parachute Aromatherapy hair oil:

Parachute Aromatherapy hair oil

The new Parachute hair oil is an aromatic oil and has Lavender, Bergamot and Rosemary. To be honest, I could not quite sense the Lavender but rather the scent reminded me of talcum powder. The oil is a little sticky in nature unlike the previous Parachute oil. Even though it is a light oil it does take a lot of time to it rinse off. 

5. Denman Hair Brush:

Denman Hair Brush

Denman is a reputed American professional hairbrush company. I was super happy on seeing this in my Fab Bag. The product is very hard and sturdy. The high quality of the brush can be seen clearly. Excluding the quality, the bristles of the brush are unique in their own way. They are gentle on my hair and help detangle my hair. I use it regularly and am very satisfied by the quality. It helps to tone down the frizziness of my hair if used immediately after my shower. Loving it so far. 

Overall Verdict: I am quite impressed with nearly all the products I did receive specially the City Color blush and the Iraya eye gel. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and do let me know in the comments section below which were your favorite products in the April Fab Bag? 

Keep Loving and Living Life.

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  1. Wow.. these many products in the April bag ...!! I must subscribe to this bag soon

    xoxo Chaicy - New Post up - Style.. A Pastiche!

    SAP on Facebook

    1. U better do soon Love.. they are really amazing :)

  2. I hear they are pretty inconsistent which makes me hesitate. This bag does look fabulous!

    1. I have never had any bad experience from them.. my most fave subscription yet :)

  3. Products are good but their service is too bad.I still did not receive my blush, which is missing in the bag :( so,not yet reviewed my April Bag!!!

    1. ohh that is so sad... hope u get it soon as the blush was my fave product in the bag :)

  4. I liked the bag for last month and the goodies were amazing.. liked ur pink blush :)

    1. even I am in love with this blush.. using it on a daily basis now :)

  5. Not bad, I'd be happy with a bag like this.

  6. I wish I could have got the blush too :-(


    1. well that is so sad..but u can still purchase it online as it is a total value for money :)

  7. Blush is real winner in this bag :)

    1. totally agreed :).. i absolutely loved the blush...

  8. I love the Zebra print bag so much :D

    1. Yeah totally.. It is my first zebra print accessory.. Totally loving it :)

  9. i got 5 products, i did not get parachute oil :(

    1. Oh be positive.. maybe they sent me accidentally :)


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