A Recap of 2015 and my Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015 #TalesOf2015

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Hello Chicsters! 

In the last one year The Chicster Diaries has crossed some dreamy milestones, all thanks to you lovelies, and 2016 will hopefully have much much more in store with all the love and support. So I am here to give you a recap of the year that went by where I'd like to share the story of how The Chicster Diaries came into being. Also a little something about the rebranding phase and a list of my Top 10 Most Popular posts of 2015.

A Recap of 2015 and Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015
The Beginning: To start with, my journey as a blogger began owing to my interest in beauty posts and the aspect that inspired me the most to ardently take it up was the lack of sufficient material on the topics which I wanted to read about.
So to be honest I feel I did a shoddy at blogging for the first few months but soon I began enjoying writing blogs and as my liking grew I tried to dig deeper to understand various subjects that I wouldn't have otherwise.
Some of my friends and family were of the opinion that beauty blogging was all about buying makeup and using it; and I wouldn't lie, several of them are still quite ignorant about how blogging works in reality. They fail to understand that beauty Blogging isn't just about buying makeup and using it; rather it is more about being a good photographer, editor, promoter, developer, search engine optimizer and definitely a vigilant consumer.

Rebranding Journey: As time went by I got more serious about the work I did and that was when I decided to rebrand my blog; most importantly get a customised domain name. My blog had definitely outgrown Chic Peachy Pink as it no longer was just a makeup and beauty blog but had a hint of technology, lifestyle and fashion choices added to it. After countless brainstorming sessions with my friends The Chicster Diaries was created, A place for every makeup, beauty loving, tech savvy, fashionista who doesn't have to choose between being chic or hipster.
The major highlight of this year had definitely been the domain name change from Chic Peachy Pink to The Chicster Diaries. I had been reading about it for quite a while and was a bit skeptic as I was aware that there are chances that I may loose some readers owing to the name change. However, it has only been a few months since my blog got renamed and I have gained more than double the readers during this time. So, my suggestion to all the bloggers out there who are reading this is: Trust your readers and go ahead and get a custom domain name!

Also, last but definitely not the least here is my list of the 10 most popular and most loved posts of 2015 as promised:
  1. November 2015 Fab Bag Up Your Game
  2. Kama Ayurveda Diwali Gift Box and Tulsi Seed Bombs
  3. Maybelline Baby Baby Lips Spiced Up Vs Electro Pop
  4. Kama Ayurveda Tulsi Soap
  5. July 2015 MSM Select Box
  6. Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact
  7. November 2015 Favourites
  8. Find your Perfect Prom dress from Promtimes
  9. Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in 64 Pink
  10. Za True White Toner
Hope you liked this post and do share in the comments section below your Tales of 2015? Also which was your favourite post from the list of my top 10 most popular posts?

PS: I'm sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda

                                         Happy 2k16! Cheers!!

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  1. What a great read it was! Reading success stories form other bloggers really inspires me. I wish you lot more success in 2016. My story as a blogger is short and simple! I am a newbie into this business and just completed 4 months. 2015 was special as I have finally started out my own blog (after reading other beauty blogs for more than 5 years, can you believe?), my blog got appreciated by other bloggers and I have made some real good friends out of my fellow bloggers! 2015 ended wth a good note and I am hoping for a better 2016!!

    My recent post: FOTD | Black Smokey Eyes and Nude Matte Lips !!

  2. Congratulations. Your posts show that you are a talented blogger.
    Wish you more success in 2016.

  3. Congrats and a happy new year. I also started my blog this year and i am really happy to finally share my passion with like minded people :) All the best :)

  4. Wow great post dear. It inspired me a lot. Wish you more success in upcoming year :) Happy new year dear

  5. Fantastic post and write up. I can tell you by this post that you have not only grown as a blogger but even in writing wise * Claps * More success to you. Happy new year :)

    Recently Posted: www.curiousandconfusedme.com

  6. I love your November 2015 favourites! It gave me the idea of try a lot of new products


  7. Beautiful Journey! Loved every bit of it...

    look forward to more.
    Haute Kutir

  8. Congratulations, you're a successful blogger and that's inspiring. All the best for 2016, and I hope it will be even better.

    Mika from La French Connection

  9. This post was awesome xo

  10. What a cool year you had- especially spearheading that re-brand. Those are tough to do- well done, lady! Happy 2016!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. Changing your domain is always tough but it sounds like it worked out perfectly for you! Wishing you the best in 2016 :)

    XO Raquel

  12. Your last year was fantastic!! Hope tgat this one goes more better than before. I love to read all my ur post and your maybelline lup balm one is my favorite. The special ibdian lip care!!!

  13. Congratuliatons,great post dear :)
    Happy new year

  14. Lovely Post! Wish you much more success in 2016!
    My Recent Post: Rouge Dior Baume 660 Coquette Review

  15. Amazing posts! Looking forward to your 2016 posts :)

    Happy New Year!

  16. I m yet to read most of ur post.. one post at a time! :)

  17. Bloggin is a great way of setting your self up. It gives you a path to let out your creativity too. congratulations!! Looking forward to great posts from this year too. :)

  18. Great recap!
    have a sparkling 2016!

    The Cutielicious

  19. Good to see this post..Love to read your posts dear... :) :)

  20. Great post! I wish you all the best in 2016 with the blog and I hope it continues to grow. Gemma xx

  21. Great 2015 recap my dear
    Need to catch up with some of your post

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  22. I love this time of the year when we look back to see what we have achieved in the past year. It's very inspiring and so nice :)
    I wish you to achieve even more in 2016!


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