Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products This Summer!

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Summer is extensively hot this time, and you are likely to get tired and exhausted each time you step out of the door. Your hair becomes frizzy and your scalp gets oily, even your skin gets rashes and itching due to over perspiration, and more humidity in the air makes you get worried about your looks all day long! You are probably concerned about how to get the perfect summer look without much effort. Well, this is pretty much easy. Check out these five must-have beauty products this summer that can get you the best look:

Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products This Summer!

Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products This Summer!
Lately, the weather has gotten so hot that you cannot even think of stepping out of the house without applying a sunscreen lotion. However, you need to be careful while choosing the product as it should be suitable for your skin as well. Look for sunscreen and tan protection products that have UVA+UVB protection, broad spectrum, SPF 15+ to 30 + at least and it should be water resistant. And depending upon your skin make sure that you choose the lotion, gel or the moisturiser for normal, oily and dry skin respectively. Sun Protection Factor shields your skin against the harmful UV-B rays from the sun that can damage your skin and make it tanned. So, apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before stepping out of the door. One of my all time favourite sunscreen gel is the Lotus Matte Gel sunscreen with SPF 50, not only is this gel efficient in helping you protect your skin against the sun but being a matte gel formula the product gets absorbed immediately and does not leave your skin feeling greasy, making it perfect for humid weather. I had got one for myself from Amazon, do check them out as probably you can also find some good deals online. Amazon beauty products are branded and also cheaper.

Lip Balm With SPF
It is summer and any makeup you use this season should have SPF protection so as to protect you from the harmful rays of the Sun. One of the most neglected part of any beauty routine during Summer is Lipcare, your lips are likely to be chapped and can get darkened due to the heat. Use a lip balm with an SPF protection. Apply it whenever you feel that your lips need a little attention. Make your lips seem more attractive with amazing lip balms available with an SPF! Natio Tinted lip balm with SPF 30+ is a great product to use this summer as it has the goodness of aloe, jojoba and shea butter. Check out Flipkart for the best prices on all lip balms and other makeup products.

Face Scrubs & Face Masks
Face scrubs and masks are really helpful during summer to rejuvenate your skin and to maintain your glow. Masks help in removing the impurities on your skin and also make your dull skin radiant. Use the mask as and when required, it will help you in getting the perfect skin glow and will also lighten your complexion. Use the scrub twice a week to remove the dead cells on your skin and it will also help you in detanning. The Lakme strawberry cleanup scrub and mask, which are indeed one of the best duos by Lakme have helped me a lot lately in getting rid of my unwanted tan and maintaining a healthy glow. Buy it from Jabong, the best online destination for fashion and makeup products. Jabong beauty products are reliable and are of top quality.

Dry Shampoo
Most of the time your entire look gets faded if you are having a bad hair day. Alike your face and body, your hair too needs proper care to look shiny and healthy during this season. Since it is summer, it is very good if you give some cooling to your scalp and hair with some hair masks. You should wash your hair at least on alternate days with a good silicone free shampoo to avoid your scalp from getting oily and making your hair look limp. If you are worried about dry hair, then Bblunt back to life dry shampoo can be a good choice. It removes extra oil, makes your hair soft and manageable. This product can transform your hair within less than 5 minutes because of which I usually like to carry the convenient travel size bottle in my bag.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Drop in a line in the comments section and let me know which are your favorite summer beauty products? also, have you tried any of the ones I have specified in this post?
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  1. I so agree with the face scrubs and masks! I use them five days a week. :)

    S .x

  2. Sunscreen and scrubs are a must for summer. No exceptions!!

  3. Sunscreen and facial spray is a must for me in summers :)

  4. Sunscreen is a must during summer.

  5. Always need sunscreen in the summer, I burn so much!! haha. Dry shampoo is definitely a must too, even just for added volume :)
    Jess from Beautiful Breakable

  6. I need to get my hands on Lakme scrubs range :) I love the packaging cute colour. Nice post :)

  7. Dry shampoos have become my saviour almost everyday. The temperature is rising and my scalp get oily easily.

  8. Sounds good!

    xxx Linsey from

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  9. Nice compilation Rajshree.. I think I should invest on BBlunt..

  10. Great Post. I havent tried dried shampoos yet. Would love to check it out someday

  11. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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