My Envy box September edition 2014

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HiyA Lovelies,

Well this is my first post and am truly excited for the magnificent journey of blogging which I will experience soon. So to cut to the chase well lets get talking about MYENVYBOX for people who haven't come across it earlier, my envy box is a monthly subscription box that charges a fee of Rs. 850/-per month. This box contains 5 high end luxury product samples.

The whole idea of beauty subscription boxes is that you get to experience high end brands for a lesser value which helps you decide if you would like to shell out that amount of money on a particular full-size product. Well just like you I had also done my research before going for the subscription of this box and might I add I would love to trade my September box with any of the previous months box without skipping a heartbeat.

My Envy box September edition 2014
This months box came in a nice coral color with an elegant golden logo over it. The overall look was really very cute and girly so goody points for that. They were even kind enough to provide a code which gave a discount of 10% off on all the products featured in that months box. The box had a black and red designed cloth bag containing all the items. The products in it however, not at all satisfying.

The products I received in this months Envy box were:
1. Za perfect solution restoring collagen cream (full size: Rs. 1200/ 40g)
2. Bottega di Lungavita scrub (full size: Rs. 790/ 75ml)
3. Thalgo cryodetox face mask (full size: Rs. 1715/ 50ml)
4.  L'occitane Almond shaping delight (full size: Rs. 3790/ 200ml)
5.  Roses de Chloé (full size: Rs. 4900/ 50ml and Rs. 6200/ 75ml)

The selection of products might I add was really something. As per me I agree happiess comes in small packages but if the package is too small and you dont get to cherish it long enough than it wouldn't be called as happiness at all.
So lets start with all the product reviews.

The envy box crew had a questionnaire that we were meant to fill out at the start of the subscription. Honestly I don't even see a point for this since you are not going to get a customized beauty box so why all the hassle seriously (in reference to the Za cream). As well as the fact that there is a perfume vial as a sample is simply a joke since we can get perfume vials for free at any perfume store. So technically I received only 4 products this month.

Za perfect solution restoring collagen cream- I am totally aware of the fact that these collagen creams help you to reduce dryness on skin as well as reduce sun spots besides their main feature of working as a time capsule for ageing. I had clearly stated my age. Truly I am not even over the age where I have to think about it leave alone using it. Since its main feature is to reduce the signs of ageing I gave the cream to my mum so will not do a review on that product. However, as per what I did understand from her is that the cream  did not have a strong smell which is good and had a light texture.

Bottega di Lungavita scrub- This is definitely one of the mildest scrubs i have used. The granules in it which help exfoliate skin are not too harsh like some of the scrubs I have used in the past. It is not too intense on the skin and is quiet pleasant. The best part about it is that its suitable for sensitive skin so well done my friend.

Thalgo cryodetox face mask- Honestly I dint have any clue even after using this product. The sample size was 5ml which was too small for a face mask sample. I barely got two uses out of it so I wouldn't have much to say about it. The product was in a gel base and dint have a nauseating smell like some masks. However, I totally dint get that rejuvenating feeling that they promised at all. It is was a normal mask with over the top promises. 

L'occitane en Provence almond shaping delight- Apparently gel based creams are one of the most appreciated ones which are liked by most people as well as suitable for most skin types. These creams are easily absorbed and leave the skin feeling perfectly moisturized and that is exactly what this gel based body cream does. The product makes your skin feel smooth and even reduces the in growth bumps to some extent on your skin if you have it. I have never had any problems with L'occitane and don't even think would in future. But sachets really envy box.

Roses de Chloé- The kinda perfumes I adore are the ones that have a very strong smell. Not to get confused I am not love struck by men's perfumes but I do cherish strong notes for women. The perfume had very light floral scent. As the name suggests it is does smell very rosy. However, it wouldn't be one of those perfumes that I would go and buy on my own for myself.

By the end of this review all I would like to say is that the September box 2014 really did shake any chances of me buying an envy box again. To be frank I would like to opt for an Fab bag any day over an envy box. Though the products are less in a Fab bag but I really do get value for my money. So its more like quality sized products over quantity products.
A friendly tip #myenvybox I am totally in love with the choice of brands you'll have but do try and include good size sample of products so we can have a clear idea by the end of the month if we really want the full sized product.

Keep Loving and Living Life

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