September 2014 Anniversary Editon FabBag

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HiyA Lovelies,

So another post and another blissful experience to unravel. Today I would like to talk about a beauty bag subscription that I have joined and absolutely adore. People who aren't aware of the Fab Bag or earlier known as the Velvette box, its a monthly subscription bag that charges a fee of Rs. 600/-per month along with some add on discounts and gifts on purchase of the 3 months 6 months and 12 months subscription. This bag contains 3 deluxe sized product samples and sometimes even full size products. Some months back I had done an extensive research probably like what you are doing at the moment about which beauty subscription to opt for and that's when I stumbled upon Fab Bag.

September 2014 Anniversary Editon FabBag
They say first impressions are last impressions. Well I pretty much had an awestruck first impression about Fab Bag. My first ever Fab Bag subscription turned out to be the 2nd anniversary special edition of Fab Bag. The bag that I received for my September 2014 edition was simply adorable. It was like a  perfect sundae, a bit of glitter on it with cheetah print to add the cherry on the top. Besides this they had a personalized note with my name on it specifying the contents of the bag. I was truly delighted on seeing the note with my name which made it feel customized enough for me. The contents of the bag were:

1. Bellápiere mineral foundation cinnamon (full size: Rs.4900/- for 4g)
2. Skin yoga almond orange face scrub (full size: Rs.1175/- for 50g)
3. Sally Hansen nail growth miracle with a handy on the go essential manicure kit. (Full size: Rs.875/-)
4. Marilyn scarf and FAB post magazine (an anniversary gift)
5. Nyx round lip gloss (six month subscription gift)

I know I had specified that we do get 3 deluxe sized samples but they made an exception this time, it was either cause I finally was their customer or it may have something to do with the fact that it was their 2nd anniversary. However, they really do know to pamper and spoil a girl. 
I cant even begin to explain how delighted I was with the products they sent.

Let me just say that all the products were Fab-ulous. I was super excited since I got two full size products in this the Bellápiere mineral foundation and the Sally Hansen nail growth miracle. So enough of the blabbering and lets finally talk about the things you'll are finally here for the review on the September 2014 Anniversary edition Fab Bag.

Bellápiere mineral foundation spf 15: The mineral powdered foundation is an ideal everyday foundation. It has a very light texture which makes it even more suitable for daily use. The best part that its mineral makeup and that is what makes it so amazing. The cinnamon shade that they hand picked for me was simply perfect. It suits my skin color a lot and isn't  even a shade lighter or darker. I had tried the brand sheer cover in the past and dint come across anything that would give it a tough competition except this off course. So thumbs up! 

Skin yoga almond orange face scrub:
This natural scrub which is parabens free is one of those few scrubs that are made of 100% natural products. It isn't harsh on the face at all. Since its made of natural products its even suitable for sensitive skin. It has a pleasant aroma of almond and orange which makes it more exotic.

Sally Hansen nail growth miracle with a handy on the go essential manicure kit: Looking at the product  earlier I was doubtful about its use. In spite of the fact that it was from the brand Sally Hansen I felt it was a product that made a lot of claims and wasn't sure if it could deliver it. After I used this product all I can say is that it's Marvelous. The difference it has shown on my nails is magnificent. I can practically see a vast change in my nail growth in a matter of two or three applications. They even provided a tiny essentials manicure kit which was so adorable. All I can recommend you is that you really must try it and fall in love with it just like I did.

Along with these three products they even sent a Fab Scarfie this month since it was their 2nd anniversary. The one I got in my Fab Bag was an elegant and classy Marilyn Monroe scarf. Excluding this I did get a Fab post in my bag. A fab post is a magazine from the Fab Bag team which shows all the latest products of the brand featured in this months bag. I really liked this way of informing people about various brands and their discounts. 

As specified earlier since it was my first subscription and as I took a 6 months subscription I got a NYX round lip gloss in the bag. The red was a nice bold red that I enjoyed using. It has made space in my daily beauty bag that I do carry everywhere So all in all I would say the first experience of a Fab bag really did blow my mind and am glad I chose the 6 month subscription. I would always see good reviews about Fab Bag and wondered whats so special and well I finally do have my answer.

Keep Loving and Keep Living Life.

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  1. Lovely piece. Very informative. Cheers to the writer for all the details. Would certainly like to try this one for myself.

    1. Thanks hun thats really sweet of you... Well check out my latest blog post maybe it will help you get rid of confusion if you have one....


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