MY ENVY BOX - October 2014

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When you have a charming brand like Vogue linked with you than I don't think anyone would think twice about the purchase. Today's blog is about the October MyEnvybox. When I was made aware of the fact that the box would be curated specially by #VogueIndia since it was the 1st anniversary of MyEnvybox I dint have much thinking to do as well and got a subscription for myself too. Well I know that October has passed and well I am writing a blog on the October MyEnvybox  but the point of this review isn't unboxing but rather its to write a review on the products in it. The products  I got in the October envy box were definitely much better than previous months box.

MY ENVY BOX - October 2014

The October months box was a golden color box with a red color logo placed on it beautifully. The box was very pretty indeed. The cloth bag containing all the products in it was of a pretty lavender color. This time the excitement prior to the dispatch of the box was really testing my patience and so I decided to check out their instagram page. Even though I wasn't quiet happy since I had ruined my own surprise but nonetheless I was glad cause of the preview I got of some of the goodies. By disclosing brands like clinique and Sebastian professional my excitement just escalated. That is when the video by Vogue India was released which provided a sneak peak of all the items in the box. The real wait began after this video and while I was at it I recommended this to a friend as well and she got a box as well.

Then finally got a message after a couple of days from the courier company that my parcel was out to be delivered today. So after an exhausting day at work I reached home to find my package lying neatly on my bedside table. After unboxing I was happy looking at some products and dint have absolutely any reaction looking at some. The contents of the October MyEnvyBox 2014 Anniversary edition were: 

1. Clinique take the day off makeup remover (full size: Rs. 1950/- for 125ml)
2. Clinique moisture surge (full size: Rs. 3550/- for 50ml) 
3. SkinYoga sandalwood saffron face mask (Rs. 1395/- for 50g)
4. Sebastian Professional potion 9 (full size: Rs. 1450/- for 150ml) 
5. H2O+ sea salt hydrating body butter (full size: Rs. 1450/- for 250ml) 
6. Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum (full size: Rs. 5200/- for 30ml and Rs. 7200/- for 50ml)
7. Spa L'occitane Gift Certificate Of Rs. 1000/-
8. Tatouge Ephémère parisian temporary tattoo

All the brands in the box were really high end but the packaging and sample size wasn't tasteful at all. Some of the samples I received in this box were really amazing and did help me clear my mind. While as some just confused me even more about the product. So lets get talking about the products finally. 

1. Clinique take the day off makeup remover: This is one of the best makeup remover I have tried. It can get even waterproof eyeliner mascara and kajal off. In the bargain you don't even have to lose your precious eyelashes. I usually wear lenses on a daily basis and guess what this dint even sting a bit when I got my eye makeup off with my lenses on. If this doesn't crack the deal for you I wouldn't know what will.

2. Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief: Talking about moisturizers in general I think anything can pass off with the Clinique brand name behind it. However, clinique has totally done justice with this moisture surge product and it is indeed very moisturizing Since it is gel based cream it seeps right into your skin and leaves a perfect amount of moisture on the surface. They claim that this does suit all skin types but I am not too sure about it. My skin is of a oily-combination type and generally they do recommend me gel based creams and that is why I feel it did suit my skin. To be frank I aint sure whats the difference between the moisture surge and the dramatically different moisture.

3. SkinYoga sandalwood saffron face mask: SkinYoga has one of the best kind of packaging for their masks and scrubs. The tiny little glass bottle with a corks are very pretty. This is one of my favorite brands as they are all natural product, totally organic and parabens free. They do the need that's to be done without the help of artificial man made ingredients.   This tiny bottle posses the mixture of many useful organic items that we do not come across daily. I really feel that it certainly is a type of YOGA for the SKIN. 

4. Sebastian Professional potion 9: The potion 9 is a a styling cream that you can apply both to dry as well as damp hair. You can silky straight hair look by blowing your hair or by air drying it, you can also get the curly look by using the curling iron. I tried to get a straight look by applying it on damp hair and by air drying it. For me it felt more like a leave in moose that manages your hair. It dint give me straight hair as expected but definitely helped me control my frizzy damaged hair. Maybe it works differently on different textures. All in all besides the obvious fact of it having the sebastian professional banner above it, its not bad but I wouldn't run to a store to buy this specially. 

5. H2O+ sea salt hydrating body butter : H2O+ has always been one of those brands which I turn to when I need a spa session at home over the weekend. H2O+ has always had some amazing products in stock about which I am going to write a review later definitely. The smell of this product is just like that of the sea salt body scrub and am so in love with this marine fragrance which haa a top note of sea salt. The cream is very easily absorbed and also doesn't make the the skin greasy. Cause of this perfect texture its very handy to apply it even on the go. Besides I am happy for the good amount of sample size which helped me understand that I really did like this product. So a total thumbs up from my side.

6. Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum: The existence or non existence of this sample in my box dint make much of a difference. I got two sachets of the advanced night repair serum and well I could not feel the difference it had on my skin.

The two additional gifts we got in this months box were very thoughtful Looking at the level of stress increasing in day to day life and a  Spa L'occitane Gift Certificate Of Rs.1000/- is really a sweet gesture from MyEnvyBox. This certificate can be claimed in nearly 12 cities all over India and is valid only over massages, body treatments, scrubs and wraps, hydro therapies, drainage facial and anti-ageing facial. The temporary Parisian tattoo by the brand Tatouge Ephémère that we got as well was pretty cute. Even though I am not in the favor of temporary stick on tattoos an rather believe in getting an original one inked but this tattoo seems quiet fancy. Tried it on as an accessory for an Halloween night event party and well I would say it just dint blow my mind so all in all it does not have the wow factor but its like a cute accessory. I consider it probably as an accessory and not as a tattoo is I think cause its golden and not black. 

I wouldn't say I did love the box and would continue to stick to my statement that the sample sizes of most of the products were a pure joke. Excluding that a good variety of products.To sum it up I would say that by looking at the previous beauty boxes that MyEnvyBox has provided, this was by far the best. The pressure on MyEnvyBox has increased and lets see if they do crack under this pressure in the next box. 

Keep Loving and Living Life.

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