My Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Review, Swatches

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Hello Chicsters, 

Today I am here to share with you one of my current favorite lip care treats from a brand called My Island Kiss. This brand believes in organic living and sassy thinking which is what made me get attracted to it instantly. At the moment they have to offer a gorgeous trio of lip moisturizers that are Petroleum-free, paraben-free, phalates-free, sulphates-free and absolutely need to be tested by you at least once. You want to know why? Well keep reading on to know more...

My Island Kiss Lip Lip Moisturizers Review, Swatches
My Island Kiss Lip Lip Moisturizers Review, Swatches
Price: Rs. 399/- for Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender
Rs. 399/- for Cherry Blossom Flores
Rs. 499/- for Puerto Berry Blush
Available at

Claims: What happens when you mix three of the richest, most nutrient, butters available in this exotic universe? A rich potion meant for the goddesses is created, it is stuck askance in the sand on a beach in the far of land. One can even see and feel the texture of the oil, the degree of its transparency, grains of sand mixed with drips of oil scenting the air from the flanks of the bottle then further away, waves licking the sand, Lips stoked in the sun, the sound of waves, you’ll go back to the island with all its recreated-noises and atmosphere. The research and development process from which our formulas are born is different than that of other beauty companies. We do not start out with a limited budget, such as x cents per ingredient. Instead, we start with a problem that needs a solution and we search out the very best natural ingredients available that will yield the most dramatic results. We love when our customers want to learn more about what they're putting on their skin.

My Island Kiss Lip Lip Moisturizers in Puerto Berry Blush
My Island Kiss Lip Lip Moisturizers in Cherry Blossom Flores
My Island Kiss Lip Lip Moisturizers in Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender
Packaging: The packaging of My Island Kiss lip balms is absolutely adorable and the fancy pop art used reminds me of The Balm products to a great extent. The color of the tube matches the shade of the product inside. The squeeze easy lip tube with a screw top cap makes the product travel friendly and convenient to use. 

Color: The Cherry Blossom Flores variant is a pastel pink shade that appears kind of milky on application while as the Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender has a subtle lavender tint to it which appears clear on application. The Puerto Berry Blush is the prettiest one amongst all these lip balms as being an intensely pigmented rich raspberry shade the tint gives suitable coverage to my lips. However, in terms of pigmentation I am not quiet satisfied with the pigmentation level of the rest two moisturizers as they would rather suit ladies who have non-pigmented lips.

Scent: Each lip balm has its own scent cause of the variation in ingredients. All of them have a prominent scent that compliments their names like the Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender has a strong vanilla and lavender scent while as the Cherry Blossom Flores has a sweet and subtle cherry blossom scent and my favourite Puerto Berry Blush has a summer friendly berry and citrus scent.

Texture: These organic, cold-pressed lip moisturizers are made using essential oils, plant botanicals and rich butters. The formula is intensely hydrating and slightly oily on application because of exotic ingredients like Tropical Kokkum and mango butter, beeswax, carrot seed oil, castor oil, vitamin E oil, macadamia nut oil. The product literally glides effortlessly on the lips and does not gather in the creases of the lips. Also, the Stevia added to it makes this yummy product literally yummy. Other than having a beautiful packaging, It is probably one of the most hydrating lip balms in my entire collection. An add on bonus is that they have SPF 15.

Staying Power: The staying power of this product is 3-4 hours with light meals and as it has three different kind of oils in it they get easily transferred. Even after a meal the Puerto Berry Blush leaves a light stain behind which gives a healthy flushed look to your lips.

My Island Kiss Organic Lip Moisturizers Swatches
Overall Verdict: A lovely intense hydration lip therapy that is definitely worth a try specially considering all the organic goodness that has been poured into this. Will definitely be your best buddy this winter! Highly recommended.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Drop in a line in the comments section below and let me know have you tried My Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers? or will you be trying them anytime soon?

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge

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  1. They taste so good .. love their quirky and fun packaging too.. Vanilla is my favourite :D

  2. These balms look so nice and the shade berry is amazingly pigmented.

  3. Organic lip blam sounds good..once few of my lip balms finish I am trying this sure..:)

  4. I am a sucker of lip balms and these seem so good to try out :)

  5. i love lipbalms these are making quite a noise with their launch...

  6. They look so good. Iloved the packaging the most :)


  7. Amazing post, dear! :) Do you want to follow each other? If yes, please follow me with GFC and Google, instagram, write a comment
    and I follow you back :)

    With love.

  8. Thanks for the review, I might try one !!!

  9. Is it an Indian brand? I hope it will exported around the globe because the concept is nice as well as the packaging... to die for!!! I'm already in looove!

  10. I love trying organic products. Will try these for sure.

  11. They look so beautiful <3 Great post!

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