CTM routine with Inatur Naturals for Combination Skin

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Following a good skincare routine is the first step to achieving a healthy, younger-looking skin. A basic skincare routine consists of 3 crucial skincare products - Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser aka CTM routine. Today we will be sharing with you a CTM routine for the combination skin featuring products from Inatur Naturals.
CTM routine with Inatur Naturals for Combination Skin
One of my most favourite natural, Indian personal care brand is Inatur Herbals (pronounced as 
ee-Natur) and some of the reasons why I love Inatur products are: 
• Their products are dermatologically tested.
• They are Halal Certified.
• They do not use any banned, harmful or synthetic ingredients and fragrances.
• Inatur products are Sulphate Free, Paraben Free and PH balanced.
• Inatur is against animal testing and is a Vegan brand.
Where you can buy their products from: www.inatur.in

CTM routine with Inatur Naturals for Combination Skin
Price: Rs. 175/- for 75ml
Results: The Inatur Silky Skin cleanser is one of the few cleansers that I absolutely adore mainly because it cleanses yet maintains the moisture level of the skin. This product is made with the goodness of rose oil, aloe vera and swiss moisturizers. On application, the microspheres present in it help in exfoliating and cleansing the skin. The Aloe vera and swiss moisturizers present in it help nourish the skin leaving it soft and supple. Also, due to its gentle and mild nature, it does not help remove makeup thoroughly but I consider it to be the perfect cleanser to start your day with.
Inatur Silky Skin Face wash
Price: Rs. 350/- for 100ml
Results: A hydrosol is nothing but floral water that has the therapeutic properties of essential oils but in a lesser concentrated form. The Inatur Rose Hydrosol is 100% natural and formulated by steam distillation of rose petals. This product hydrates and calms the skin, giving it a healthy, supple glow. It is a perfect addition to your vanity for summer as it not only refreshes the skin but also soothes irritated skin.  The Inatur Rose Hydrosol floral water is a lot like my absolute favorite Kama Ayurveda Rosewater in terms of consistency, texture, scent, however, it is available for only a fraction of the price. I personally love using this as a toner as its lightweight texture pairs well with sunscreens.
Inatur Rose Hydrosol floral water
MoisturizerInatur Sun Protection Lotion SPF 30
Price: Rs. 380/- for 120ml
Results: I have been very picky in selecting moisturizers as most of the products I have come across are too greasy for my combination skin. The Inatur Sun Protection Lotion is a non-comedogenic, water-resistant lotion that prevents sunburn and protects from UVA and UVB rays. This lotion has the goodness of Calendula and Swiss moisturizers, the Calendula helps soothe and tone the skin while as the Swiss moisturizers help reduce sunburn. While applying the product I usually use only a pea size of the product as a little product can go a long way. On application, the product spreads easily and is absorbed quickly within 5minutes making it easier to layer makeup. Best of all it not only hydrates your skin but also provides SPF 30 protection.
Inatur Sun Protection Lotion SPF 30

Hope this post helped you. Do let us know your CTM routine along with your skin type in the comments down below. Also, do let us know if you have tried any of the 3 products mentioned above and how was your experience?

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. One of the best articles I have ever read on skincare. I must say all points are very clear and in depth. Thanks for sharing!


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