How to choose the right swimsuit as per your body type?

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Whoever knows me well knows how much of a water baby I am. Be it summer or even winter, taking a dip in the pool is the best stress buster for me. But what many of you don’t know is that there was a time when I would shy away from entering the pool. My only discomfort was me having to wear a swimming costume. Yes, for someone like me whose body is on the plus side, it’s never an easy decision to don a swimsuit. The only way I would enter the pool is with a t-shirt and tights. Eventually, I decided to let go of my fear as I knew all I needed was the right swimsuit. Yes, there is a swimming costume for every body type. Firstly, it is extremely important to know your body type to pick the right suit for yourself. This article will help you know your body and will also help you pick the right swimsuit as per your body type. Read on:

How to choose the right swimsuit as per your body type?

Before we can proceed, if you aren't aware of what is your body type then you can check it out here on this body type calculator.
For the straight and thin bodied: If you are thin throughout with not much of a size difference on your waist and hips, accentuate it with ruffles and sequins. Don’t forget the padding and underwire. This will give the perfect lift to your bust area.
How to choose the right swimsuit as per your body type?
Apple shape: If you have a waist that is equal to your bust size and little lesser than your hips, you have an apple shaped body. You can focus on colours and prints more than patterns. Choose dark colours as it tends to hide fat and prints will just take away all the attention from your wide waist area.
How to choose the right swimsuit as per your body type?
Hourglass shape: You have the body that everyone longs for. Your bust and hips are almost equal in size and your waist is much smaller. A one-shoulder suit with an asymmetrical silhouette should be your perfect pick. You are blessed with the body which most women long for. Flaunt it!
How to choose the right swimsuit as per your body type?
Pear Shape: Your body is thinner or smaller from the top to the waist but heavier on the hips. You need to opt for suits with boy shorts. It will hide the heavier part of the thighs.
How to choose the right swimsuit as per your body type?
You also check out the various types of swimsuits to help you keep your options open.
Lastly, once you have figured out your body type, make sure you go to the right store to buy it. Do your research. There are brands in the market that only specialize in swimsuits and that should be the right pick for you. A local store may not have the right pattern for you. Ensure that any of the stores you go to, there is a trial room there as unless you try it, you won’t know what you are comfortable in. At least when you are buying it for the first time. Once you know your brand, you will know the exact size and pattern that suits you and fits you. You can then choose to shop online too.
So ladies, as you can read, there are dozens of options in swimming costumes available in the market. All you need is the right fit for your body. Don’t forget comfort. No matter how trendy and cool your bodysuit is, it won’t suit you if you are not going to be comfortable in it. Hope this blog helps you pick the right one for yourself. If you have any more suggestions, do write back in the comments. Chao!

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge. Please note none of the images used in this article are by the sponsored brand or by TCD. Also, TCD claims no rights to the images that have been used in this post. 

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  1. In my opinion, closed swimsuits are the most convenient ones. I always like to wear them if I am going to have a lot of swimming on the beach.

  2. Fantastic article, so pleased I come across this. It is helpful to know what kind of swimwear is more suitable for each shape.


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