3 Must have products from Ras Luxury Oils

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Hope you have been doing well. Today I am here to talk about my new found love for an all natural skincare brand. Beauty products are my weakness but you have to listen to your skin too. As I have mentioned this in my prior posts, I have a very sensitive skin and hence I tend to lean towards natural skincare brands . Recently, my skin was acting up and so to calm it down I had to follow a healthy diet and an all natural skincare routine. After this ordeal, I decided to simplify my skincare routine but this time with natural oils. Not that I am ditching other brands for good, it’s just that probably my skin needs a break from it, to resort to something more natural. And then RAS Luxury Oils happened! That’s the new found love am talking about.
3 Must have products from Ras Luxury Oils
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Why choose RAS Luxury Oils?
  • RAS as a brand takes pride in being India’s Farm to Face; sustainable, organic, luxury skincare brand. 
  • All their products are free from chemicals, alcohol, parabens, silicones and other synthetic ingredients which makes their products 100% natural and vegan. 
  • They are cruelty-free products and the brand refrains from animal testing. 
  • These days every wellness brand talks about mind, body, and soul but very few are able to connect to your senses and RAS is one of them. 
  • They are luxury-packed in small bottles infused with ancient Ayurvedic practices and modern scientific approaches. 
  • Most important of all, the simple, elegant and truly luxe packaging is what soothes the eyes the most.
To know more about them, do log on to their website: https://www.rasluxuryoils.com.

So let me tell you a bit about the 3 fabulous products by RAS that I am currently using and have made it to my must-haves list:

Eucalyptus Pure essential oil
Price: Rs. 400/- for 10 ml
  • This stimulating oil offers a lot of benefits. Its woody aroma gives a feeling of relaxation which is of utmost importance for our body & mind. 
  • I also love mixing 20 drops of it to a 100ml almond oil base and massaging with it, this concoction helps in increasing blood circulation and works as an antiseptic to soothe irritated skin. 
  • That’s not all, you can just add a few drops in hot water and take steam for the blocked nose and you will notice the difference. I personally love adding this to my humidifier before bed time as it helps me sleep like a baby. 
3 Must have products from Ras Luxury Oils - Eucalyptus Pure essential oil
Rejuvenating Night Face Elixir
Price: Rs. 2550/- for 15ml
  • This magic potion was awarded the Best Spa product by the Asia Spa Awards 2017 (Natural Line).
  • made it to my night skincare routine. All you need to do is take 2-3 drop on your palm, rub it for the warmth and then massage it onto your skin with a dabbing motion. 
  • It’s loaded with 100% natural ingredients like German Chamomile, Geranium, Frankincense, SweetOrange, Lemon, Jasmine Absolute and more. 
  • As you know your skin begins it’s healing process when you are asleep. These natural ingredients aid tired skin promotes healing and you are sure to wake up with a fresh face every morning. 
  • Also, this product consists of Sandalwood oil that helps reduce dark spots. I have been using this for almost 2months now and I have noticed my dark spots lighten to a great extent. 
  • Another, great feature of this product is that it works as a fabulous moisturizer and works especially well to prep your face pre-makeup.
3 Must have products from Ras Luxury Oils - Rejuvenating Night Face Elixir
Rose Nectar Face & Body Spritz
Price: Rs. 890/- for 100ml
  • A concoction of rose and Lavender that promotes skin hydration leaving it fresh and smooth. 
  • It can be used as a natural toner too as it clears the pores and fights acne. 
  • It also has anti-ageing properties. Simply spray it on your face after cleansing. 
  • I usually like to use to use this spritz post-shower as it really helps calm my skin and also tames it from getting oily.
  • You can also use this product over your makeup to get a healthy hydrated look. I usually love carrying this handy bottle with me while I am travelling as it helps me feel refreshed. 
  • This product was also awarded the Best Spa product by the Asia Spa Awards 2017 (Natural Line).
3 Must have products from Ras Luxury Oils - Rose Nectar Face & Body Spritz
Hope you liked my top 3 must-have products from the brand RAS Luxury Oils. If you want me to review more products from this brand, let me know in the comments. Also, do let me know if you tried any of their products before.

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