Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch!

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Regional movies are my new found love and Marathi movies have to top the list. A few days back, I told you about my love for Marathi cinema and it has immensely grown after watching director Ravi Jadhav’s movies. With the kind of topics he chooses for his films, this industry has only earned more respect at the box office. This man has created some of the most critically acclaimed films in recent times and some of them have even bagged several awards. Fun Fact: All of these movies mentioned below have an IMDB rating of 7.5 and higher. Now that I can sense how you are impatient to know more about his movies, here are 5 Ravi Jadhav movies you just can’t afford to miss, also available on ZEE5:

Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch! 

1. Nude (Chitraa): The movie stars Chhaya Kadam and Kalyanee Mulay who pose as nude models for the art students. A profession very less spoken about and is as good as a taboo in our society, was well appreciated by the viewers. There is a dialogue by Naseeruddin Shah that I love from the movie and that kind of stayed with me, “Kapda jism pe pehna jaata hai, rooh pe Nahi.” Quite deep, isn’t it? Also, with the marvellous direction of Mr Ravi Jhadhav, this movie captures the light and truth behind the profession of nude modelling in a very elegant and tasteful manner. Despite talking about a sensitive topic, this movie was cleared by the censor board without any cuts. This speaks volumes about the quality of the film. Don’t miss it!

 Nude (Chitraa)- Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch! 
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2. Natarang: This was the movie that made me realise my love for Marathi Cinema. After Natarang, it made me realise the potential of the Marathi movie industry. The film is an adaption of Dr Anand Yadav’s novel and focuses on the character Guna and his passion for theatre and mainly for ‘Tamasha’ genre. The movie revolves around his transformation from a regular labourer to forming a successful theatre company against all odds. Featuring Atul Kulkarni in the lead role, he successfully grabs your attention with his fantastic performance from start to the end.

IMDB rating for Natrang - 8.4/10
Natrang - Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch! 
3. Balak Palak: Sex is still a very less spoken and not well-accepted topic to be discussed in the open and hence a lot of people have little knowledge about the concept. Hence, Balak Palak comes across as a brave yet much-needed film by Ravi Jadhav. Highlighting the importance of transparency in communication between parents and their kids, Balak Palak captures the raw feelings of teenage curiosity and how the Indian society including peers, family and acquaintances deal with this dilemma. It also emphasis on the importance of sex education in our society not just through schools but also by breaking the unseen wall between parents and children.

IMDB rating for Balak Palak - 8.2/10
Balak Palak - Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch! 
4. Time Pass: Need I even say anything about this movie? The story revolves around Dagadu and Prajakta who have just entered their teens and fall for each other. While for some, love at that age turns out to be mere timepass, there are a few people for whom this is the best time of their life. A simple movie that gives a realistic view of teenage love, endearing performances and soulful music make Time Pass a must-watch movie.

IMDB rating for Time Pass - 7.6/10
 Time Pass - Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch! 
5. Balgandharva: Subhodh Bhave totally nails it as Narayan Rajhans aka Balgandharva in this movie. The biopic revolves around Balgandharva’s life from rags to riches and his love for theatre and how he is successfully able to drive in audiences to watch each of his plays. But with old age, he loses his charm and is debt-ridden. Watching the incredible story of an amazing real-life personality is a treat to watch on screen.

IMDB rating for Balgandharva - 7.5/10
 Balgandharva - Top 5 movies by Director Ravi Jadhav you must watch! 
I hope you liked my recommendation and do make time to watch these amazing movies. If you have some great Marathi movie suggestions, do write back in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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