Top 5 Myths Busted about Soy Protein #SoyIsGood

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Recently, Team TCD attended an informative Bloggers meet organized by Dupont. This event was a part of their initiative to raise awareness about - The Power of Soy Protein. The well-informed panel of speakers - Mr. Indranil Chatterjee (Regional Product Line Manager, Dupont), Ms. Jean Heggie (Strategic Marketing Lead, Dupont) & Ms. Jigna Sheth (Nutritionist & Fitness Consultant) shared their insights on soy protein and the various benefits it has to offer. Through this educational meet, they also helped me bust some of the myths that I had about Soy protein which encouraged me to share the same with you lot. So keep reading on to know more...
Top 5 Myths Busted about Soy Protein #SoyIsGood

In today's fast-paced world we look for food options that are conveniently available to us rather than the ones that are good for us. it is because of this that the body doesn't get its proper nutrition and is prone to illnesses. One of the most important components that are a must in our daily diet is proteins. Proteins are also known as the building blocks of the body. So today we will be sharing with you one such rich source of protein - Soy.
Soy is a high-quality source of protein which contains all the necessary amino acids and is also packed with minerals and vitamins. It also contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, no cholesterol and very little saturated fat.
There has always been a great debate on Soy in which people seem to have strong opinions for both soy and against soy. Soy has become one of the most researched foods on the planet. Let’s discuss some busted myths related to soy protein.
Top 5 Myths Busted about Soy Protein #SoyIsGood - Bloggers Meet on Soy Protein awareness
Myth 1: Soy contains Estrogen - Actually NO. Soya contains zero estrogens. Soya does contain plants hormones like phytoestrogens but not human hormones. Phytoestrogens are weak and can actually bring benefits like low risk of cancer by blocking actual estrogen in the human body. In a human body, there has been no evidence for soy disrupting sexual development. It is to be noted that phytoestrogens are not only found in soya beans but also in coffee beans, apples, sesame seeds, oats, flax seeds, lentils, rice, mint, carrot, beer, etc. Even if you avoid soy completely, you are likely to consume phytoestrogens.

Myth 2: Soy Milk gives incomplete Nutrition as compared to Cow Milk - It is said that Cow’s milk is the main source of estrogen in an average diet which constitutes 80% of the dietary intake of estrogen. As cow’s milk is taken while the cow is pregnant and nursing, the estrogen levels in their body are higher. Cows are also said to have given doses of hormones to increase their growth and milk production. It is also stated that soymilk contains zero estrogens but has twice the antioxidant content than cow’s milk. The estrogen in cow’s milk is believed to promote cancer while the antioxidant effect of the phytoestrogens in soy milk is believed to protect against cancer.
Soy milk usually contains the same amount of protein as cow’s milk but 60% less saturated fat than cow’s milk. Soy milk is also said to contain triple the amount of magnesium than cow’s milk. People who are lactose tolerant have issues in digesting dairy products but very few people have issues in digesting soy and soy products.
Speakers Panel for the Soy Protein awareness Bloggers Meet - 
Mr. Indranil Chatterjee, Ms. Jean Heggie, Ms. Jigna Sheth
Myth 3: Soy doesn't help build Muscle - Soy is known to be a complete protein which means it provides all the essential building blocks of proteins which we cannot make in our bodies including conditionally essential amino acids like Arginine and Glutamine. The protein content of soy contributes towards your daily protein needs and helps support muscle development.

Myth 4: Soy cause Cancer -  Soy protein is touted for reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and some forms of cancer. Overall research reveals to soy having positive effects on slowing down or preventing the growth of cancer. Regular consumption of soy is protective against breast cancer. A study shows that eating soy can lower the risk of breast cancer.

Myth 5: Soy Protein affects the Thyroid Glands - Some anti-soy sites have claimed that soy phytoestrogens are potent antithyroid agents which cause hypothyroidism. In a study, it was found that 6 of 60 women with subclinical hypothyroidism converted to clinical thyroidism after supplementation of soy protein for 8 weeks containing 16 mg of phytoestrogens per day.
Top 5 Myths Busted about Soy Protein #SoyIsGood - Bloggers Meet on Soy Protein awareness 
Finally, to sum up, many scientists, doctors, nutrition experts, dieticians, and health experts strongly support soy protein as a part of your daily diet. The side effects of soy protein are myths. It provides the perfect accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle.
About Dupont: Dupont is a pioneer in the field of Health and Nutrition. Their extensive research programmes help them develop innovative soy-based ingredients. These products are not just high on nutritional value but also are high on taste value. These research programmes along with their strict quality control measures help them deliver the best of ingredients to their consumers.

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge.
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  7. Yes, This was an interesting session. There are so many myths around Soy which were cleared that day by the experts.. :)


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