The Final Call by Zee5: Web series review

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My greatest dilemma lately during this time of self quarantine has been, Which web series should I binge on next? After going through a lot of web series online in the last few days, I think I have found the perfect one and so wanted to share it with all of you. So if you are searching for a web series to binge on, keep reading...
IMDB rating - 7.4/10

The Final Call by Zee5: Web series review (Image source from
Plot: The Final Call is a 2019 thriller web series that premiered on ZEE5 on 22nd February 2019. This web series is a Zee5 Original based on Priya Kumar's 2015 novel I Will Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime. It is Directed & Written by Vijay Lalwani who is best known for his work, Karthik Calling Karthik. The story centres around the passengers of a flight from Mumbai to Sydney whose lives are endangered after the captain decides to commit suicide on board.

Cast & Characters: The story centre’s Karan Sachdeva, played by Arjun Rampal who controls the fate of a flight full of passengers flying from Mumbai to Sydney. Karan Sachdeva is a former Air Force officer who is troubled by his past. In this time of crisis, Karan’s mind is trying to find the balance between good and bad. Other than Karan Sachdeva, my other favourite character is undoubtedly ATC chief, Kiran Mirza played by Sakshi Tanwar. Kiran is a strong, intelligent woman trying to do her job in a man’s world. As the narrative progresses we are shown a glimpse into different characters and how did they end up on the plane:
Javed Jaffrey plays a business tycoon who has everything in life other than happiness.
Astrologer Krishnamurthy played by Neeraj Kabi who takes the flight SK 502 to fulfil his destiny that this flight will be his last one. Other than these characters the story also stars Harshad Arora‚ Anupriya Goenka, Paula McGlynn, Anshuman Malhotra and Vipin Sharma. Director Vijay Lalwani, has done a fine job by keeping you hooked with the variety in characters and the vivid back story of each one of them.

The Final Call by Zee5: Web series review (Image source from
▪️The Final Call has turned out to be one of my favourites in the limited time that it has been online.
▪️As per me, this series falls under the thriller genre with no over the top drama added to it.
▪️The unusual plot twists and strong characters are what has kept me hooked on to it.
▪️Along with this, the rich performance given by each actor plays like a puzzle piece of a big jigsaw.
▪️The perfect balance between the present situation and the past history of each character is very well displayed, leaving the viewer wanting for more.

So what are you waiting for? Go & check out this new web series which is now streaming on Zee5

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  1. Manisha - I have been wanting to watch this and your review surely gives me the assurance it's going to be a great watch.

  2. The cast looks very promising. Thriller is my favorite genre, will definitely watch this. ZEE 5 has some very good movies and web series, will recognize to my friends as well, thanks for the share

  3. Zee5 never let down their viewer, it is full of entertainment I have subscription but I still have to watch final call. I will watch it today, it seems interesting.

  4. ZEE5 is my favourite OTT platform. However, I haven't come across this film. Thanks to your review, I will surely check it out.

  5. ZEE5 is giving an amazing varieties of entertainment to their audience. will check out this one for sure. the plot sounds interesting to me and star cast is also impressive.

  6. Same here! I have already watched the series and I also agree this is the most unique and the most interesting web series which I ever saw. I will also commend to watch this series to get a different perspective on life and death.

  7. I am so intrigued by the variety ZEE5 brings for us buddy. You got me hooked watching this series at the earliest.

  8. The final call sounds like a thrilling adventure.ZEE5 has some exciting series under it's line I must say.

  9. I wonder why haven't I heard of this series, the story line sounds quite gripping and I love watching thriller shows. I am definitely going to watch it this weekend.

  10. arjun Rampal was one of my favourite stars, it will be such a treat to watch him onscreen . i have to subscribe to zee 5 pack now..

  11. Wow I didnt know that this web series starring Arjun Rampal has been written and directed by the same director of Kartik calling Kartik. It is a must watch for me now.

  12. Too bad I missed this series earlier. Such a wonderful cast, assorted characters and a story that's so gripping, I would love to watch this web series!

  13. The series seems great to watch. I wonder how I had no idea about this series. I like the story line. Will watch .

  14. I have heard about the series but was not aware of the story line. I will definitely catch it on ZEE5.

  15. Looks like you found another good entertainment series adding this to my watchlist

  16. ZEE5 is surprising all of us with their updates and new launches. Me and my family are watching thia tonight. The storyline looks nice, so my family will like it.

  17. The star cast is awesome. Zee5 has done it again! Putting out such fab content. I am def watching the series tonight!

  18. Oh man, how did I miss this one. I absolutely love Arjun Rampal and this is definitely going to be my next watch. Thank you so much for this recommendation.


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