3 Step Skincare routine using Innisfree Green Tea range

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It is almost September already and I have enjoyed every bit of the monsoon season. But the transition between the scorching heat and the humidity had a toll on my skin, making it much more necessary for me to show some TLC towards it. One of the main ingredient that I included in my beauty and health regime which helped me transition successfully is Green tea. I love this magic ingredient and I can literally have it anytime. It does wonders to my immune system and that surely shows on my skin. You can read my previous blog to know the Top 5 beauty benefits of green tea. But of course, there is no way I can have an overdose of it. Looking at how Green Tea products have helped me transition in the past is one of the reasons why I have turned to it again. However, this time I am doing it the Korean way as according to me K-beauty is the epicenter of beauty technology. So today, I am listing down the 3 magic products from Innisfree, South Korea’s first all-natural brand. It’s from their Green Tea range.Read on…

3 Step Skincare routine using Innisfree Green Tea range
3 Step Skincare routine using Innisfree Green Tea range
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Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Gel-To-Foam
Price: Rs. 1150/- for 150ml
  • The product comes in an easy to carry pump bottle packaging with a twist and lock facility for the pump which means no leakage or spilling while traveling. It has a mild and pleasing fragrance so those who can’t bear strong scents, this is a good option for you! You know what’s the best part? A very small amount gives you a good amount of lather. Easy to apply and massage onto your skin and easy to rinse too
  • This foaming cleanser is enriched with the goodness of pure green tea from the Jeju Island. Apart from that, it has some key ingredients that work well in the wear and tear of the skin like glycerin that keeps the skin hydrated; Kaolin clay that maintains the texture of the skin and citrus extracts that keeps free radicals away.
  • Post wash, you will notice that your skin is not oily and it does not make the skin dry either. It does its job of retaining the moisture on your skin.
Innisfree Green Tea Foaming Cleanser review
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
Price: Rs. 1950/- for 80ml
  • Being one of Innisfree's bestseller, I was the most ecstatic to try this product. The recyclable pump bottle packaging is really handy and comes with a clasp to prevent any kind of leakage especially while traveling. 
  • With Green Tea being the first ingredient and comprising 76%of the serum, this had to be on my list. What’s the bonus? It’s loaded with citrus extracts like orange, grapefruit, and tangerine. It definitely is soothing and hydrating.
  • Its consistency is quite lightweight as compared to the other serums in the market. Thanks to its texture, this product absorbs easily unto the skin. The product a subtle fragrance that is calming and lingers along for a little while post application. This fragrance is generated from the citrus extracts and other essential herb extracts like Camelia Leaf extract present in it.
  • This is undoubtedly the best and my favorite product from this range. I would surely like to recommend this product to oily skin ladies that are prone to acne and blemishes. 
Innisfree Green Tea Seed serum review
Innisfree Green Tea seed cream
Price: Rs. 1750/- for 50ml
  • There is one thing I swear by and that is a nightcare routine for the skin. Skin starts it’s healing mechanism when we are sleeping. Hence, they say a good night sleep is really important. Plus, throughout the day our skin goes through a lot. Hence, this routine keeps the skin calm too. However, I believe the most important product amongst this routine would be the night cream that you choose. 
  • The Innisfree Green Tea seed cream again is loaded with Green Tea extracts which comprise 73% of the ingredients and it comes in a light-weight, easy to carry plastic container. The product has gel-like consistency and hence it absorbs easily leaving the skin supple. The fragrance is what I loved, truly gives a fresh feel.
  • I have been using this product for the last two weeks and I have noticed that this product helps calm acne-prone skin like mine. Also, you are sure to love the non-greasy, soft and supple effect it leaves on your skin the following morning. 
Innisfree Green Tea seed cream review
So, if you are planning to try Innisfree’s Green Tea range, we really hope this helps you! Do drop in your comments and let us know which product you are trying first. Also, if you want TCD to review any other products, do write back in the comments.

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. I have heard a lot about Korean skin care products and how good they are for skin care. I am very happy that they are offering such amazing products and considering Green Tea is good for health when consumed, I am sure it would be great when applied on skin too. Lovely review.

  2. Your post is a god sent gift to me right now... i was desperately searching for a good serum since ages now i’d try innisfree green tea since you’re recommending it thanks

  3. i love innisfree products and these look and sound great. definitely getting these for me

  4. I love Innisfree products for their great results even though they are quite expensive.The green tea serum looks like something which my skin would love .

  5. I have acne prone combination skin so I prefer TEA tree oil based products. Innisfree is a good brand, will give it a try.

  6. Green Tea infused skin care range seems interesting. I am not much into makeup or elaborate skin care routine but I think the serum sounds promising.

  7. I'm a big Korean Beauty addict, and Innisfree has been a favourite since a long time.

  8. Innisfree products seems to be wonderful, more so I got intrugint with their green tea serum . Would love to try it.

  9. Green tea innisfree is perfect for.my skin as my skin is combination skin as you describe it is matt in applying

  10. This looks like a wow thing ...serio seri I loved the green colour packing and it's ingredients are so perfect to give it a try

  11. The products seem to be good. A proper skin care regime is very important to maintain. Thanks for sharing

  12. I have oily skin the products could be benificial to me . Loved the detailed review you have shared for this range by innissfree

  13. Innisfree is my favourite brand and i reacently bought their green tea seed serum and loving it.. gonna try other in this range soon


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