Top 5 reasons why Mother Sparsh wipes are better than Ordinary wipes

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Being a fashion & beauty blogger, I need to ensure I look the best in all my pictures and that the makeup is absolutely perfect. Sometimes, when I am out on a photo shoot and I have to try multiple outfits, I have to change my makeup look too and that is when these wet wipes come handy. But since I have a sensitive skin, I stick to baby wipes as they are gentle on the skin with low alcohol content. I was using one of the well-known brands until I came across Mother Sparsh. A friend was using it for her baby and what caught my attention was their claim of being 98% water wipes.

Top 5 reasons why Mother Sparsh wipes are better than Ordinary wipes

Price: Rs. 175/- for 80 wipes
Where Can I buy them? Easily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Firstcry

I have been using these wipes for a while now and I totally swear by it. I guess I am mainly fond of it because it's free of parabens, alcohols and is pH balanced. It’s clinically proven to be the best-wet wipes for your skin. For me, it was like I finally found the product that was absolutely made to pamper my skin. Read on to know the top reasons to choose this over the other brands available in the market...

Top 5 reasons why Mother Sparsh wipes are better than Ordinary wipes
Here are the Top 5 reasons I feel Mother Sparsh wipes are better than Ordinary wipes:
  • The safest ingredients: Mother Sparsh Wet wipes are loaded with 98% Purified water and 100% plant cotton. It is enriched with Organic Aloe Vera & Vitamin E that moisturizes your skin and cleanses it gently. The fabric used for these wipes is soft as it’s 100% cotton and hence it won’t irritate your skin.
  • No parabens & Ph balanced: For those who are not aware, parabens act as a preservative in cosmetics. It’s used to increase the shelf life of these cosmetic products. Though it has no irritating substances, sometimes it can develop skin rashes. If it comes in contact with the UV rays, it may result in skin aging. But the good news is that Mother Sparsh wet wipes are paraben free & Ph balanced. Ordinary wet wipes or even soap can disturb the skin’s Ph levels but Mother Sparsh wet wipes cleanse your skin by maintaining the pH levels of your body.
  • It’s alcohol-free: Alcohol in any form can irritate your skin and someone like me with a sensitive skin will only have more trouble to deal with. But Mother Sparsh wet wipes are totally free of alcohol
  • It is hypoallergenic: These wipes are clinically tested and proven to prevent any kind of rashes and is hypoallergenic which means that there will be no allergic reaction. Thanks to its skin-friendly ingredients, it will leave your skin moisturized. 
  • Environment-friendly: As mentioned earlier, these wipes are made out of pure cotton. So there is no use of any other ingredient like plastic, polyester etc. You are only giving it back to Mother earth in it’s purest form.
Top 5 reasons why Mother Sparsh wipes are better than Ordinary wipes
So ladies, here are my reasons why these wipes are a great choice for your skin. So now bid adieu to germs and makeup removal woes without any worry!
Hope this review helps you make the right choice. Do share your thoughts in the comments.

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