A Curvy Girl's Homecoming Guide to Look and Feel Gorgeous All Night Long

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Hello Chicsters!

Who says only lean girls can get to enjoy dressing up and attending homecoming parties? While many curvy women may feel coy about getting dolled up and dressing to the nines, there really should be no problem with your body shape. In fact, there are many out there who would love to have those curves so they can flaunt them in the most flattering outfits.

Here are a number of fashion hacks for curvy girls looking for the perfect homecoming dress:

When it comes to wearing dresses, there are many styles that naturally flatter a curvy figure. The one crucial consideration is that it should be properly fitted so that you do not look like you’re drowning in fabric. Voluminous types should be avoided. Rather, look for snug fits or formfitting dresses that emphasize your waist to show off your gorgeous figure. A perfect fit and a cinched waistline will also make your top and bottom curves appear balanced and more attractive.
Get your dress tailored and make sure it perfectly fits you, like a glove, but with enough room so you can still move about comfortably and enjoy the activities at your homecoming dance.

2. Choose the right undergarment.
Wear a bra that provides ample support for your bosoms. If you would prefer to attend homecoming in a strapless dress, make sure you choose a moulded full-coverage strapless bra. For additional support to keep the bra up, you can also make use of plastic or silicone gripper strips.
But you don’t need to go for strapless undergarments if you’re not wearing a strapless dress. So if you opt for dresses with thicker straps, then you can definitely wear a regular strapped bra for much needed support. There are a lot of chic dress styles featuring thick straps that you can choose from. You can check out the 2018 plus size homecoming dresses of Peaches Boutique and choose from an extensive prom and homecoming dress collection.
Seamless lingerie can also help improve the silhouette of what you wear by eliminating unsightly lines and creating a clean, smoother, and slimmer overall look. You can also opt for shapers or good quality boy compressors if you feel comfortable wearing them.

3.  Go for short dresses.
A Curvy Girl's Homecoming Guide to Look and Feel Gorgeous All Night Long
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Kim Kardashian says shortening the hemline of a dress can actually create a huge difference, so go ahead and embrace the short homecoming dress trend. If you are already opting for a dress with a top that features full-coverage or thicker straps, then you can go for one with a fancier bottom or skirt that shows off your legs.

4. You can wear colours.
Contrary to popular belief, shapely body types can wear colours. While black may be the go-to option for a slimming appeal, adding a pop of colour to your ensemble will help highlight your assets as well as make your look more interesting. Colour blocking and print blocking can create gorgeous silhouettes and emphasize your curvy shape. Two bold colours that are broken up at the waist can add more definition to an hourglass shape.
But, if you are not comfortable with other colours, wearing an all-black ensemble is still a commendable option. Whether you’re going for the classic little black dress or going for a lacy cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, black will never fail to create a slimmer appeal.

5. Confidence is key!
Above all these fashion hacks, the most important tool to looking and feeling gorgeous all through homecoming night (or through any occasion for that matter) is confidence. Nothing is indeed sexier than a confident woman.

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