Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online

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We are in an era where everything is now at our fingertips, from smartphones to cosmetics and even something as intimate as lingerie. Well, I know some of you don’t prefer this just because you are worried about the size – whether it will fit right or not! However, all these doubts will be put to rest once I share with you my Top 5 reasons why you should buy Lingerie online. I have been shopping for intimate wear online for a long while now and for varied reasons. One such reason being, there is no such thing as “Too much Lingerie!”
Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online
There are plenty of benefits to shopping online but amongst all of them here are some of my favorite reasons as to why I like this medium of shopping the most:
1. Comfort & Privacy: In India, we have a lot of stores where men too are managing the lingerie counter. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it just makes me a bit uncomfortable and awkward to even disclose my size to them. With the help of online shopping, I don’t feel like my privacy is being invaded. I can shop for whatever I want at my fingertips without having to worry about revealing any details like the size, fitting and color with the salesperson. The best part of it all is that I can try stuff from the comfort of my home while lazing around in my PJ's on a super cozy Sunday afternoon.
Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online
2. Collection: Once I went lingerie shopping to a retail store. The salesperson denied showing me any more designs after showing me just 2 pairs. Has this happened to you too? Also, the stores generally have a limited collection available as compared to what the brand has to offer. Also, most of the times they do not have enough options for their fancy panties or bra collection Ugh…not happening! But online shopping websites have a huge variety to pick from. Check out fabulous lingerie options, few popular shopping websites have to offer which I have explored so far.
Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online
3. Time-Saving: Whether I am traveling or I am at home lazing around in my PJ’s on a cozy Sunday afternoon, lingerie shopping is absolutely easy and time-saving – just pick the pattern, the size, add to the cart, make the payment and tada! Yes, it’s that quick and simple. Also, this helps save your time and effort from the lingerie shop hop too.
Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online
4. Size: The only reason that most women refrain from shopping for lingerie only is due to size concerns. But there is nothing to worry. Nowadays, all the online shopping websites offer a size chart and detailed instructions that will help you pick the right sizeAlso, since most websites have a 15 days return and exchange policy and the products get dispatched in 24-48 hours thus makes the shopping experience more enjoyable
Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online
5. Discounts: Nowadays all shopkeepers have a sign outside their shop that reads - FIXED PRICE. So bargaining is out of question. But shopping websites always have steal deals to pick from and that’s what keeps me hooked on to them. From daily wear lingerie to something saucy and sexy, I keep browsing it all.
Top 5 reasons why you need to shop Lingerie online
Shopping for intimate wear online is a luxurious experience according to me. You can totally laze around and shop for your favorites. So those who are skeptical to shop online, give this a shot. I promise you won’t regret this experience. Happy shopping, ladies!

*Disclaimer: Though this is a sponsored post my opinion stays honest and is true to the best of my knowledge. Please note none of the images used in this article are by the sponsored brand or by TCD. Also, TCD claims no rights to the images that have been used in this post. 

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