Top 5 Myths Busted about Hair removal creams!

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Have you been confused about switching to hair removal creams? In today’s article, we have debunked some popular myths surrounding hair removal creams. Keep reading on to know more...
Top 5 Myths busted about Hair removal creams!

Myth 1: Your hair will grow back thicker each time you remove your body hair.

Each time you remove your body hair it may appear thicker or thinner depending on your hair removal technique. If you are removing body hair with the help of a razor the regrowth may seem thicker as the razor fails to uproot the hair completely leaving behind the trimmed, blunt middle portion which is right below the skin. On the other hand, as hair removal creams break the keratin protein of the hair and uproot the hair almost completely it appears to give a smoother effect for a longer time. 

Myth 2: Hair removal creams do not suit people with sensitive skin.

Compared to others, people with sensitive skin are more at risk of getting allergic reactions, rashes, irritations. However, using hair removal creams that are meant for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested may help solve this issue. Also, reading the instructions carefully and abiding by these instructions can most certainly help them avoid any such incidents. Another great way to check if a product suits your skin type would be by doing a small patch test. 

Myth 3: You need to exfoliate immediately before you remove your body hair.

Some people believe that exfoliating your skin right before removing your body hair will give you the most optimal results. However, this is partially true. The ideal way to get an optimal result is by exfoliating 24hrs prior to hair removal as this reduces the sensitivity your skin may feel through exfoliation. 

Myth 4: Hair removal creams will make your skin darker.

Skin darkening or chemical burns are an effect of skin irritation caused by the improper use of a product. When using a hair removal cream always remember to do a test patch to see how it reacts with your skin. If you are a sensitive/dry skin type, stick to products that are meant for your skin type. Another important factor would be to read & follow instructions and not go overboard. 

Myth 5: You shouldn’t use hair removal creams on your bikini line.

It is perfectly alright to use hair removal creams around your bikini line provided you use products that specifically are designed for Bikini hair removal. You also have to be sure about not using these products around your sensitive, intimate areas.

Top 5 Myths Busted about Hair removal creams! -
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  2. Loved the way you busted all the myths on this topic. I was planning on switching to shaving permanently.

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